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Web Security 2014 by Mark Tull

By The Managing Director of Clicks and Clicks Mark Tull.

Having been in the game for just under 10 years, the change in the web and website security is unprecedented. 10 years ago, Mark recently told us, hacking was unheard of. Servers were the target, but now, we see global bots, and humans attacking commercial sites globally.

When the web shifted from html based non CMS sites to shareware such as WordPress and Joomla, there was an explosion in self managed small and medium commercial and community groups, even individuals who could now become their own hosts and editors and embrace contact and sometime fame on the web.

Then, as with most things, as they change the dark forces change with them. However, in this regard, the web is now under attack and your site is a target Mark  Tull recently state.

There are thousands and thousands of attacks every hour, of ever day on sites all over the world, and its not just CMS based sites. Our web hosting company, Website Essentials protects hundreds of domains and sites each day with a mix of preventative strategy and recovery strategy.

Mark Tull said, “in recent months, there has been a reported shift with large corporations to move from a wholly preventative or protective strategy to one that now focuses on disaster recovery. I think this is more sound that just a prevention strategy alone” ” There is no point having great defence if you cannot very quickly get your site and database back up when it is eventually hacked or destroyed, and don’t think that it won’t, it will. Even the best and most secure organisations, and military have been hacked.”

The days of being your own host are over in my mind. To look after your site well Mark said, it is no longer an option to choose a host and point your domain at it. You have to have a protective and real time hack attempt monitor up 24/7. Then, you have to actively monitor hacks and this usually requires at least an email to the monitor. We get thousands of reports each day on our hosted clients and our non hosted clients that have our protections enabled. The average small and medium and even some large businesses do not have the resources or can afford the resources to do this task.

Then you have to have multiple backups, both server side and non server side so you can respond in minutes, from anywhere in the world, and get a site or a server back online for your clients. To sleep soundly in these times of global website warfare, you have to spend the money and the time. If you don’t, you are a disaster waiting to happen and recovery for your business will be slow and painful. Imagine rebuilding your website from scratch, and all of the information it contains, and.. think of all the search engine benefit you will loose if you can’t get it back up quickly, let alone the lost business online.

Websites have gotten serious…

mark tull

Mark Tull is the Managing Director of Website Essentials and Clicks and Clicks. Mark has been involved in internet marketing in Australia for nearly 10 years and was a previous owner of Hot Goanna TM, a contracted Google Adwords Reseller. He has moderated and spoken at events such as CeBit, SMX, Gaming Downunder, ATHOC and other national events.

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