Daily Backups

Daily Backups of your theme, files and database. We can roll back to the last clean copy!

Free Site Retoration

If it goes down, we put it back up FOR FREE!

Free WP Upgrades

When new versions are released and tested. We upgrade your site and plugins...

Free Updates Each Month

15 minutes of staff time on minor updates every month that you have protection enabled...

Website Backup

If you have Website Backup from Website Essentials, you don’t have a worry…

Daily Backups, full WordPress Database, Tables, Images, Text, Pages, Posts, the lot.

Instantly downloadable and able to wind back to the last uninfected version of your site.  Instead of days or weeks offline, and days or weeks DElisted in the search engines, you can be back up in just minutes. If your server dies, the computer it is on burns out, the data centre gets flooded, or goes out of business, We can restore it and save you thousands by not having to rebuilid your site and all its history.

Just because your site is hosted, it doesnt mean its backed up, or able to be restored. If you are serious about your online business, you MUST HAVE website backup.

For less than $15 a month you get…

  • Daily Backups of the full site, including database & Tables
  • Monthly downloadable list of all backups choose the one to reinstall
  • USB of the full site delivered to you (if required*)
  • Fully transportable – can be installed remotely to almost any server in the world
  • Get back online in under 24 hours
  • We copy / move / clone / replace your site for you when disaster strikes

Use the form, get started now and don’t worry any more.